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Author:  Honest [ Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:00 am ]
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Hey Guys,

Just a heads up for all those TD's looking to attract new players. is owned by the GG's guys. They also own a site for WOW TCG, YGO TCG and VS TCG. Shortly they will merge all these sites into one, like a tcgplayer site.

This alone may not seem like such a big thing. However, I always post upcoming events on these sites for Sydney TREK. Now that they will be 1 biggish AU TCG site, I would recommend advertising any TREK events here once its up and running as players from all over AU from at least the MTG, WOW, YGO, whats left of VS, and Pokemon players will all go to this site to discuss things. There maybe other TCG goobers who play one of the above games in your city that may see a TREK thread and want to give the game a go(I always point out the cards are downloadable FREE).

I'll post when its up and running, but maybe go to and start an account now.



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